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Prime Minister opens pavilion


Professor Tony Lucey

Dean of Engineering
Faculty of Science and Engineering

Curtin University
Kent Street Bentley WA 6102
GPO Box U1987 Perth WA 6845

Tel: +61 8 9266 7581

Curtin Engineering Pavilion

The $32.5 million Curtin Engineering Pavilion Complex represents a new era of engineering in Western Australia. The complex comprises two buildings and an exhibition plaza, and is linked by an aerial bridge with existing engineering buildings on Curtin's Bentley Campus to complete a new engineering precinct.

Stage I of the complex, the Curtin Engineering Pavilion was completed in 2011 and constitutes the heart of the complex. It has a 300m² open space, which serves simultaneously as an entrance events hall and working area to bring together students, academia and industry. Project rooms, self-learning studios and structured learning rooms around this space provide the functional areas to facilitate a modern educational experience that will produce tomorrow's engineers for the industry, both locally and abroad.

Stage II of the Curtin Engineering Pavilion Complex was completed in mid-2012 and provides offices for the PVC Science and Engineering together with offices for research staff and PG students as well as active learning workshop based classrooms.

The Curtin engineering pavilion has received a 5 star green star rating, based on its innovative environmental design and technologies, which have also been developed as hands-on learning tools for Curtin's engineering students.

The building is one of only a few in Australia to be submitted to the green building council of Australia for assessment using the green star - education v1 rating tool.

  1. Rooftop water tanks harvest rainwater for use throughout the building.
  2. Temperature banding reduces power consumption on air conditioning systems by widening acceptable temperature ranges within the complex.
  3. Forecast savings 990 kl water/year (39 per cent reduction) 70, 425 KWH energy (42 per cent reduction).
  4. Exposed timber beams in the exhibition hall are made from renewable resources.
  5. Hanging points have been incorporated as part of the roof-level bow-string trusses, allowing structures of up to half a tonne to be suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition space and enabling students to observe structures from angles not usually seen in a traditional classroom setting.

The building's energy, water and environmental performance is continuously monitored and a display facility supports both instantaneous and trend information presentation. The trend data provides information about the last two months performance but the information database over the life of the building provides student engineers with a dynamic environmental record for review and analysis.

An additional display provides a combination of the current Event information for the Open Plaza, meeting information for engineering institutions in Perth, meetings for student engineering societies and technological/historic knowledge through trivia questions and answers. These questions and answers cover such fields as Australian and Western Australian History, Curtin University history/trivia and general engineering/technology topics. In addition interesting quotes from engineers, scientists, and authors are included.

The Plaza area is a convenient casual meeting and study area for students in the later years of their undergraduate courses when not in use for Events and Exhibitions.

The Schools of Engineering have approved an extension of the building monitoring facilities to extend the concept of the building as a research facility beyond that originally conceived during the design period.

NOTE the Green Electrical Engineering Park is now a separate facility not part of the Engineering Pavilion.